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WTT 40g Acrylic w/stand&canopy for T-5 Lighting


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Does any have have a 36" 4 or 6 bulb T-5 Light Fixture(with mounting brackets would be nice)they want to trade?


I have a 40 gallon acrylic tank w/corner over flow, standpipe, and sponge pre-filter. Name on sump is Inland Sea. Kent float valve for automatic top-off.


Oak stand & canopy. Very solid construction! Both canopy and stand doors can be locked with key ( key fits both locks; two sets keys).

I have installed Four T-5 lights w/ PFO Ballast (two Workhorse 5 Ballasts) and harness. Each ballast has separate power cord and on/off switch.

Canopy has an open back, so heat has not been an issue. The two 3" fans need to be replaced, if wanted. The old fans were removed awhile back and are long gone.

No pumps included, as they were needed for the new tank.


Fine scratches show while tank is dry, but do not show when tank has water in it! These should be easy enough to be buffed out.






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Here is the PFO Ballast (contains two Workhorse 5 Ballasts) and harness. Each ballast has separate power cord and on/off switch.


Next pic is my 46g bowfront after I moved everything into from the 40. As you can see, I am using the canopy until a bracket-mounted T5 fixture replaces it.



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