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Green BTA


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What gives with my BTA?? I don't mean to be offensive, but I believe mine is seriously retarded. I thought they needed to be out in the light and such?!?


You make the call. Does my BTA ride the short bus?? (nutty) Why is it hiding under the rocks?







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How much light do you have? How much light was there where you got it?


It could be going through light shock. If there is too big of difference between where you got it, and what it has now. Like if someone with real pale skin suddenly walked out onto the plains of Africa with no clothes on... Sunburn in places you don't want burnt. :)



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If it is sticking out some then it knows that there is light out there. Do you ever try to feed it. Offer the tentacles that are sticking out some silverside or other meaty seafood (squid, uncooked shrimp, fish...). Try to get it to eat so it will have enough nutrition to stay alive until it decides to come out.


Have you read this page:


It has some of the best info about BTAs in one spot that I have found.



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