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A very farewell to Madreefer


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For those of you who don't know Madreefer is going to be leaving us to pursue a better future in Salt Lake City UT. I just wanted to thank him\you for the corals and pic's and wish you a very successful move. Hope all works out well for you. We will miss you.


P.S. you can send your Duncan to my tank if you like(whistle). I promise to provide a good home. He will be amongst friends.:D

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I moved from SLC just four months ago and now I return. Part of me wishes that I would have found a great job here in Oregon and part of me is happy to move back to SLC.

I think my duncan can make the move to SLC so I'll have to take it.

I'll be moving in two to three weeks.

Wasatch is spelled correctly and WMAS- Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society is a great bunch of people.

Thanks to PNWMAS for making my time in Oregon more enjoyable. I'm glad I got a chance to meet many of you.

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