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R-3 and Impur


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I just wanted to thank the both of you.


Impur those tubs are doing much better. They weren't open when R-3 came by but the opened up shortly after. They have been through a couple moves both by bad placement on my part and my sand sifting goby burring them the second time. I have moved them to a much better location now and they seem to be doing fine. I will post pic's as soon as I get some. You can actually see them here under my clowns.


R-3 thank you so much for the addition to my Zoa collection. I have only gotten a couple pic's, both of the same thing, those green ones with the toad stool, and the Lunar eclipse I think you said they were. I will get new pic's when the rest open and post. I am unsure as to who got the better end of this trade. I am leaning towards me. I will be moving the green ones tonight to allow that toadstool to open more.




Thank you both very much and I hope to continue to trade with you guys

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R-3 If you feel you should get more just let me know and I will make it better.


Fishmanmike01 I just wanted to put your name in bold....(plotting). Just kidding. I don't know what they are called. I was thinking of calling them something like "zoot suits" or "in Doran's tank" which someone recommended, can't remember who that was(scratch). I don't know for real what they are called, the blue is starting to come in more perdominantly. They were more of a grey when I first got them. Wont be fragging for a few months but if you are interested I will be more than happy to get you some when I do.

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ah....well offer went to you too, I was actually extending that to Mike as he showed interest. I am happy you like the Duncan's though. As you saw they were on dangerous ground there. If you don't find some of the other one's I have by the time I am ready to frag those I can't put you on list. Speaking of which I need to find my list.

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