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New Skimmer!

Ron Popeil

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im looking for a new protein skimmer. i havent researched skimmers in quite a long time and want to pull from my local pool of personal experience.


my system is roughly 125 gallons. i have a heavy bioload with large anemones and hungry fish. currently im running a recirc modded ASMG4. i feel like i can do better.


lets say my budget is $500.


pick me a skimmer that is essentially plug and play. ideally i dont want to have to get a skimmer and mod it, or fiddle with the impeller so that it burns the pump out every year.


suggestions? experiences?

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I think that they recently stopped using mesh and are sticking with the pinwheel.


They had too many customers unhappy with the mesh.


Nothing wrong with those skimmers either. I just like the reliability of the Eheim. If the extreme or MSX came with an Eheim I'd be all over it!

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go with a MSX extreme 250... for less than $400 shipped you have a skimmer that will skim the crap out of your 125, literally! They are pre-ordering the mini cones which will be powered by the same pumps the msx 250 for $499. The cones are definately winning the skim-offs lately when they are put head to head with traditional.


I haven't heard anything about msx stopping meshing their wheels.



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There is growing evidence (http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2009/1/aafeature2) that there's less difference between skimmers than one might expect. Spending a lot more might get you little or no improvement.


I have been reading that as well.


1 thing I can tell you is that there are HUGE differences in the way a skimmer performs.


My sticking point is that I want a skimmer that does a GREAT job with little to no "tweaking" to get it to perform consistently.


Shoot, I have a Red Sea Prizm that works AWESOME. But it didn't come that way from the factory.


I think the recent "innovations" to skimmer designs are a good thing.


I don't doubt that Protein skimming is only taking out approx. 30% of protiens in any system. I just want that 30% to be consistent.

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after a bit of looking around, some of the names that seem to have the stamp of reliability are the:


msx 250

octopus extreme

bubble king mini 180


and there seems to be growing interest in the i tech skimmers, but i think thats only because theyre a reasonably priced cone skimmer....

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I agree. There are some really crappy skimmers out there... necks too narrow, difficult to dial in and keep that way, etc. But based on that article, there isn't much difference between a dialed-in air driven skimmer and a beckett. And if there isn't a difference between *those* two I have a hard time accepting that there'll be a big improvement due to cones. Maybe there will be; hopefully someone tests more contemporary skimmers using the methodology. But it'd have to be a hell of a big difference to warrant the cost IMO.

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