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The Importance of Buying Net Caught/Tank Raised Fish

Mr. Reef

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I'd like to talk to you all today about the importance of buying net caught and/or tank raised fish.


In this industry a very big problem still exists, and that is the use of cyanide to “catch” fish. This absurd method has been used illegally over the span of many years, mainly occurring in the Philippine Islands and Indonesia. The criminals that are doing this are literally injecting hazardous chemicals into the coral reefs, just so they can make a quick buck. The worst part of it all is that the majority of the fish that are “caught” using this method die instantly, and the remainder slowly over the course of weeks. Those few lucky fish that are still alive after all is said and done still feel the effects of such poison, and will have a greatly diminished life span.


The fish are not the only ones effected by this, the people that inhabit these areas have to put up with it too. Fisherman and their families having to deal with cyanide poisoning is not a uncommon thing in these parts of the world, which is exceedingly unacceptable on top of all of the destruction to the marine environment that is going on because of this. This barbaric method doesn't just effect our ecosystem, it effects us as a whole.


We have been stocking cyanide free fish for years. Net caught/tank raised fish are healthier and live a longer life. Sure, they may cost you a few extra dollars to purchase, but in the end you get what you pay for. All the while you can know that you did your part in trying to help keep our reefs intact, and stop the criminals that use cyanide to “catch” fish.


One thing we never do is medicate our holding tanks or bring in medicated fish (Copper/Antibiotics). Many retailers use copper or other medications on a continual basis within their tanks. We prefer to use UV Sterilizers, and Protein Skimming with Ozone Generators; so what you see is what you get. Fish treated with antibiotics are more susceptible to disease as soon as they are taken off of them; it simply stifles their immune system. The long term exposure to these medications can also cause internal organ failure, which is very similar to the effects of cyanide. Copper itself is just as bad when it comes to inflicting these issues, and for this reason we feel that it should only be used when absolutely necessary, and never on a regular basis.


Tank raised fish are among one of our most favorite things to bring in. Here are a few reasons why:


• They are mari-cultured generation after generation enabling them to be used to a captive environment.

• Tank raised fish generally get along with other tank mates better.

• Almost all tank raised fish are more social, and trusting of their owners.

• Last but not least, they are exposed to controlled feeding from a early age, so they eat very well.


And when I say social, I really mean it. If this picture below doesn't prove this enough I'm not quite sure what will.




It's truly a amazing thing to be able to have such trusting creatures like this in your tank, and I hope that one day you will be able to experience this as well.




Additional Information:


Ozone neutralizes ammonia, nitrite, organics (protein waste) and in general makes the water a lot cleaner looking as well; on top of its oxidizing benefits. The Ozone is only plumbed into the skimmer, so you aren't clearing your system out of the above mentioned in total, but your enhancing your skimmer and giving it a few additional benefits. Which, like mentioned above, improves water quality greatly but doesn't seriously impact your systems natural biological roles.


The UV sterilizer helps kill 99% of algae floating in the water, and only some organisms that cause disease. So, your water will not be perfectly sterile but it will be a whole lot cleaner. Your biological will also stay intact because after it has traveled through the UV it goes right back through your prefilter and down into your bioballs. This lets the fish be in a environment that still has a small chance of disease, but overall effectively reduces it from happening. This doesn't effect the fish in anyway and is perfectly safe for them, while once again, still maintaining your biological.


Also, to avoid having the discussion about running out of biological, your overflow is also piped through your prefilter which then lets the water seep through to your bioballs. This allows for nitrification via the Nitrosoma and Nitrobacter bacterias. In a more simple explanation, they are still having “food” dropped on them to eat. This promotes growth of the Nitrosoma and Nitrobacter bacterias and allows them to keep doing the beneficial job that they perform in our reef tanks. Denitrification occurs within sand beds by Anaerobic bacterias which keeps the nitrates in check. This is why we have a refugium on every one of our barebottom systems, and a sand bed in those without one. Keep in mind though that this is not required, but it is a extra step used in the betterment of our systems.


These combined methods help stabilize a natural environment for the reef tank that is more effective then doing nothing, which will greatly reduce the chance of disease and will not decrease the state of a fish's immune system. If anything because of the high redox potential of the water it will increase said fish's immune system, very much like humans taking the correct dosage of vitamins and drinking purified water to reduce the level of toxins we are exposed to.



Thank you for your time,


Ricky Soutas Jr.

-Soutas Saltwater & Reef Inc.-

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No, problem.


If it wasn't something that needed to be known I would not put it in here, but I felt that it shouldn't just be located in our tiny subsection of the forum. It seemed like it would be a good idea to put a learning article in a learning section.



Ricky Soutas Jr.

-Soutas Saltwater & Reef Inc.-

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