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Group Buy on Bulk Magnesium


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I need to get some Mg, and was thinking about offering to organize a group buy on it. Any suggestions of what to get and where to get it is appreciated. Dont know if we should get dow flake, mg cloride, mg sulfate....


Lets figure out who is interested and what product to get, and then we will figure out pricing and quantities.


So far I checked out BulkReefSupply.com, but I think we can find it cheaper somewhere.



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I know Scott from reef corals is selling Bulk Magnesium, Calcium, Kalkwasser, and also a reef buffer and the purk there is you would get to check out the MANY awsome corals he has for sale too! We just got done fragging a bunch this weekend! He buys Large quantities so he can sell you what are wanting!

Scott Reef Corals 503-709-7860

And to make it better he is in Beaverton!

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Here is what I need to get this going. Let's shoot for Next Tuesday you guys get em all the infomation here in.


Basically our group buys remove all of the hassle normally associated with a group buy by giving individual access to the lowest quantity discount to each participating member. This means each member gets the lowest price even if they only buy one item. Everybody handles their own order separately so you don’t have to spend a lot of time organizing an order, collecting payment, and disbursing the product to each member. And as a thank you we give each participating member permanent Preferred Customer status which gives them discounts on their future orders.

All you need to do is pick a Tuesday that your group will start and send me a list of members who will be participating. The list should include first and last names and the email address associated with each members account on bulkreefsupply.com. We update accounts on that Tuesday and send everyone an email notifying them that they can buy. Members should have created an account with us prior to the group buy start so we can update their accounts. Members who miss the first list are welcome to send us an email and sign up at anytime during the duration of the group buy. Orders are shipped individually so there is no waiting for one big consolidation. The following Monday we set all account to Preferred Customer status.

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does anybody know about how much kalk or magnesium solution the 1g buckets will make?


A lot!!!! for your system. The website will tell you how to mix the solution. If you are buying magnesium chloride, you should also buy magnesium sulfate. You mix it 10 parts chloride to 10 parts sulfate.


I need everyone's first and last names and their email addresses asap, I have to send them to BRS to get the order process going.

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If you are buying magnesium chloride, you should also buy magnesium sulfate. You mix it 10 parts chloride to 10 parts sulfate.


Magnesium sulfate is just epsom's salts. I don't know how much it is here, but I just picked up a 6lb bag at Walgreens for less than $6. Same stuff.


Bob, I may be wrong, but are you sure it is 10 parts MgCl2, to 10 parts MgSO4? That seems like a strange way to say 1:1 ratio... I think that I remember it being a 1:3 ratio, but like I said, I could be wrong.



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