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DIY rock for sale- fully cured and supports life!


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$2 per lb.


If you want an Earth-friendly way to add rock to your tank, I have an answer for you.


I made a lot of DIY rock out of concrete last summer, and it is ready to be put in your tank. It is fully cured and cycled in saltwater. There are fish and some soft corals (mushrooms, xenia, zoas) in the tank with it as well to show that it will support life.


There are no hitch hikers (good or bad). No aptasia, mojano, mantis shrimp, hair algae, or calurpa.


Once the coraline starts to cover this rock, you will not be able to tell the difference. I have one or two pieces in my display, and it is hard to tell which rocks are "real" and which are DIY.


Representative picture. There are some larger pieces, but most are medium pieces. Pieces can be attached to each other with acrylic rod or with aquamend putty to make larger.





Also, there are a lot of smaller pieces (note tube of superglue for size). Great for LRR or frag attachment.



There is at least one person that has already expressed interest, and will come over this weekend to get the first pick of the batch.



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Dennis, I would love to get one or two larger pieces that are some what flat...glad it is all finallly ready! I have some LR left over from the 55. It has sat out of water for about 3 months and is now back in salt water re-curing. I know you had showed interest in this before. Let me know.




Sorry Kris, I sold 75 lbs of rock yesterday to SquidHC. I may have one or two pieces that I am saving for CA2OR. Once he has looked at them, you are next in line.


I have another 50-100 lbs in a second batch that is within a month or two of being ready. How long do you want to wait?


Doran- PM replied



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