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40 gallon full set up


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I am a teacher looking to change tanks to a larger more aesthetically pleasing reef set up. I truly do not know all the specs, hardly any actually. Here is what I know:


It is a 40 gallon with Stand/Canopy

UV Sterilizer

Hang-on Protein skimmer

20-30 gallon sump/refugium full of caulerpa

2 power heads

4 96 watt square pin Compact Fluorescents


Misc timers, supplies, etc.



I made the idiotic mistake of putting a mag float in the tank, therefore the kids got some sand in between the magnets and scratched it up a fair amount. Also the canopy and stand could use a sand down and a new staining or paint job, its not terrible but I don't think this would suffice for the oval office. I would be willing to sell with livestock and rock but be forewarned there are mutant aptasia in there that could swallow a school bus, also there is a cool yellow headed moray that is hand fed and won't touch the inverts, a large mandarin goby, plenty of snails, a ton of xenia and 2 colonies of star polyps. I would love to get enough money out of this to offset the cost for a slightly larger acrylic set up. Please send over some offers, the worst I can say is no.

Thanks for looking, have a great weekend!


God Bless,







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