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WTB coral skeletons/fails


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I am going to set up a 90 to replace my 55 and need some failed coral skeletons. Anyone got any they want to get rid of? They don't have to be pretty, they are just going to be my new baserock. Dried is fine, does not matter. Can't come from a copper treated tank of course.


It is really really hard to spell skeleton with a migraine (:


I could trade frags instead of cash for the skeletons. I have zoanthids, blue trumpet coral, hammer coral, hydnaphora, sarcophyton leathers, purple ribbon gorgonians, mushrooms and green kenya tree shaped softies.



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so how do I set this up to let me know if anyone replies to my thread? (: Hope the A loripes is doing well. I came across a big pile of useful stuff in my friend's garage so might be ok for a while on rubble and skeletons. Still have no stand for my 90 which also sort of leads to delays in setting up the new tank, not that dead coral need any kinda care.

Lowman, are you Bobtheproducebuyer on ebay?


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