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212G Peninsula, Oceanic 33G, Biocube 29G, Via Aqua, Precision Marine


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So the time has come for a new thread since more than half the stuff is sold.


I am going to keep my JBJ Nanocube since its established and sell the Oceanic 33. Its got black silicone with black trim. It measures 20.0x18.5x20 approximately. I just drilled the tank to accomodate and 1" bulkhead (included) I also painted the back black. It has 1 or 2 small scratches in the glass on the front pane but there are not that noticeable.


I want $50 out of the tank. SOLD

Next for sale is my 5'x34"x24" Envision 1/2" thick built 212G Peninsula style (room divider) aquarium. This one is going by by because of the 400G+ Prop system that is going in my shop :) It has been cleaned and can be setup immediately. I would recommend a buff job though as I would with all used acrylic tanks.


I want $500 out of the tank. SOLD







Next is a 29G Biocube. It is in great shape and the bulbs are only a couple months old with plenty of life. It has a hole drilled in the hood because the previous owner had a refugium hooked up to it. It can be used for that or as a great ventilation hole for the hood.


I want $140 out of the tank. SOLD






I also still have the two Via Aqua fixtures for $30 for both.

One is parts and the other works great.






I also still have that PM HOT skimmer(NO PUMP). I want $20 for it. PENDING to Jay



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I was looking forward to seeing that 212g all setup!


Me too!


It has the perfect dimensions for a "display tank" IMO...

A lot of potential here !

I would of been all over this a 1-2yrs ago....and at this great price!! But no room...


Somebody buy this tank!

So I don't have to move it again!

Ill even come over and help load it one last time!

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I am interested in your 212g tank. My email is shadow_lu@comcast.net or you can call me at 360-350-2715 after 4pm.






I will call you tonight. I have one other person from up in your area interested to which is kinda weird.





I will take the PM Hot skimmer. Can I pick it up at the Feb Meeting in Albany?




Its yours Jay I can bring it to the meeting.

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