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I am getting out of the hobby, i have a 20g long tank, a current USA 2x55 pc fixture, a few power heads, i am guessing about 30lbs of VERY well established LR, there are a few mushrooms here and there, some zoos maybe. bottom line, i havent had time for the tank, it needs some TLC, the fish is healthy, have had her for probably two years. there is hair algae growth only due to the fact that i dont change the water hardly ever, so if you put this LR in a large established tank i dont think the algae will be a problem, even in this small tank if i do a couple water changes it dies off.


I also have a very nice stand that it is on.


The fish i am asking 15 for, you buy the fish, you get your choice of 1 large piece of LR to go too if you want it.


i will sell all of the LR for 25$ including anything that might be attached to it.


The light i will sell for 10$ you will need some new bulbs, that is also part of the reason for the algae growth.


The stand I will sell for 25$


Tank free once everything is gone.


Or you can buy the whole set up for 100$


Below are some pics, i included some of the tank in its glory, but it does not look like that now, i just want you to know the potential this tank has.


I am in SE portland near Reed College






This is what this tank could (and did) look like...







Here is the fish


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thanks for the compliment, its kinda sad what it looks like now, but its has been worse, and i brought it back, so its possible...unfortunately all the zoas have pretty much dissapeared, with the exception of a few small colonies...i wouldnt be surprised if when these rocks were placed in a healthy tank, or if this tank was rehabbed that some colonies might reappear...anyway, thanks!

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Most of the stuff is gone. He may still have the light. Call him. His number is in the first post.


Eric- most of the polyps are gone. I got the rock, and maybe some of the polyps will come back... after the bryopsis is taken care of. I figure I can put it in a small tank, and jack up the magnesium for a few weeks. That should take care of the algae problem.I may just need to put it all in my new anemone tank. The rock that had the anemone on it started growing the evil bryopsis. I need to get it out of that tank anyway.



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