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Sea grasses


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I am looking for a local vendor or member that has, or can obtain Turtle, Shoal, and Manatee grass. If you are aware of one, or have had good experience with an online vendor in the past, PLEASE let me know!


I would also be interested in other types of vascular marine plants.

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I keep a few species of macro's, always willing to share.


I looked into grasses but was not willing to sacrfacie the vertical swimming spacefor the addition of a DSB for their root system. I use prolifera and taxifloria to achieve a fake grass look. The pic is from a October (I need to update) but you can see my "psuedo" grasses.




If your looking online I have had a good relationship with Reefcleaners.org for awhile. If you order through them tell John, Kevin from seahorse.org sent you. You might not get a discount, but he'll take care of you. He's a pretty swell guy. His service is top notch.


Any macro's you seen in my tank I'd be happy to share. I pruin them and toss pieces fairly often, might as well share them. Everything but hte ochotodes I'll hand out for free. I make money off that stuff, pays for the rest of the tank ;)

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In addition to Florida Pets http://www.floridapets.com/ , which I talked to you about, here are a few more sources of vascular marine plants. Just a note for our LFS, Florida Pets also sells wholesale. Contact them for more info.






There are quite a few other places that sell macroalgae only, but I did not include them.

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Here are some excellent articles on seagrasses, and one on iron in the reef tank.


Beautiful Seagrasses - Keeping True Flowering Plants in Your Marine Aquarium

By: Anthony Calfo



Iron in a Reef Tank by Randy Holmes-Farley



Plants for the Marine Aquarist by Sarah Lardizabal



Beyond the Refugium A Macroalgae Primer by Sarah Lardizabal



Stars, Paddles and Oars for Marine Planted Aquaria. By Sarah Lardizabal


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Thank you for all of your input. I spoke to floridapets and they are currently not doing any sales of seagrasses because they moved out of Florida and don't have access.


Pledosophy the macro in the lower right (green bladed looking) and the money tree in the middle I may be interested in. However one of the reasons that I am trying to stay away from macroalgea is because tangs love to eat it. However they dont mess with the grass too much from what I've read. Now I don't intend to have a school of tangs like I had before, but I like to keep at least one around to control any hair algear that may pop up. They have done very well at this in the past.


Jmanrow - Again thanks for calling me. I will be reading the links you provided me. I found a local vendor for turtle grass, but we will see. I was trying to avoid this option because the blades were thicker than I had hoped for, and it recommends a 6" DSB which I'm not sure I want to tackle atm. 4" was already pushing it for me. I will do some more reading and thinking, and let you all know what I decide on. Thanks!

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