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29g. Sanctithomae dominated zo'om house


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Hi guys,


it's been too long since I posted here...and I was reminded of that this week lol.


Some of you may remember my 47 build that got going last year...it ended rather quickly. Never again will I buy a tank deeper than my arm is long ! That tank drove me batty trying to reach down to clean, glue frags..gosh anything ! I soaked so many sleeves hahaha.


So I want to share my nano 29 that's going strong. There's not a lot in there at the moment. I'm concentrating on shrooms and zoas with sanctithomae being my main focus. I have 7 and am always hunting for more. They're my favorite 'shrooms.


It's a standard 29 AGA. Aqua C remora skimmer with a MJ1200 running it. I have two Koralia 1 powerheads (400gph each) that are pointing along the top surface. They create a lot of surface movement but leave the bottom area fairly low flow for the bubbles. I have a sunpod 150w HQI with a phoenix 14,000k bulb that runs 8 1/2 hours a day.


Inhabs so far...


Bonded pair of young Picasso clowns (ORA B's...I love the jigsaw of the b's)


1 skunk cleaner


1 maxima clam


1 crocea clam


2 blue leg hermits


5 mexican turbos


2 ceriths


and loads of stomatellas, micro stars and various other pods and worms.


Oh and the whole thing is running BB.


It's great to be back on this site.


Thanks for letting me share.


Pics coming.....

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Good to hear from you again. You got rid of the deep tank? That rock tree was very nice. Did you ever get a powerhead to work in the support pipe to have it shooting out water everywhere?


Those bubble mushrooms look very cool still. Are those the same clowns that were hosting the 'shrooms before?


In post #5, the first picture, I like how you have a diversity of life. The bubble shroom, the red and white tubeworms, the spaghetti worm, and all the coraline algae.



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Hi dsoz :D I did put a ph on the tower and it actually did a pretty good job. Obviously the main flow was in the holes closest to it but it still pushed a little water out of the others too. It was just a really really hard tank to take care of. I found myself getting more frustrated than enjoying it. The stand was fairly tall and then the tank towered above that. That mean I have to use a step stool everytime I needed to do something. End result - well let me just say the "tower" is in a bucket in the barn lol.


These are different clowns. The one that was hosted was my maroon. I still have her (there were two but one died within a month of getting them) she's fairly big now and in a different tank. I got these two ORA Picasso's about three months ago. I love watching them interact together. so far they haven't gone near the bubbles though.


...and by the way...I never forgot that you want one...one of these days we'll get together DOH!

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nice looking setup those mushrooms are nice and those clowns are cool looking i can never find any good looking ones around here.


thanks salty. We're a little out of your way here in Redmond but if you're ever up this way our LFS "Oasis" is an ORA dealer and almost always have some baby Picasso's in.


I'd love to raise some fry from mine when they start to spawn. I know it's a challenge but I bet it's fun to try and rewarding too.

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If they split, then you can take them in to the fish store and trade them for ones of different colors. :) that is the best of both worlds. Start feeding those succers!


Maybe someday you could host a PNWMAS meeting over on the east side (of the mountain). then we can all meet and trade you for those 'shrooms. :)



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I.D. please...


Just picked up some new pets yesterday. I didn't have my glasses on (duh) so I couldn't quite see what I was buying lol. I just fell in love with the color. There are about 5 or 6 polyps. They were sold to me as fuzzy 'shrooms but when I got home and got my glasses out I didn't think they looked like fuzzy's.


This pic was taken last night with a flash (sorry) I'll try to take another pic today when the lights come on. Also they're pretty unhappy being moved.


Any ideas? I did ask on another site and got "pizza anemone" and "unhappy yuma" as replies!



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I'm not sure how big they are because they were a little upset yesterday and my lights haven't come on yet today. I'd say the largest is the size of a ricordia...maybe 1 1/2-2 just from the "blurry" impression I got of them when they were open at the store. My lights come on in a couple of hours so I'll take some more pics then.


I don't have to know what they are...just interested. Thanks for any help :D

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