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29 gallon setup


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I'm keeping only this 29 gallon because I will be away for 5 months over the summer. I hope it is stable and easy to care for while I am gone. I added and rearranged the rockwork and livestock. I also moved my new light to this tank.

It is a 29 gallon tank (30"x12"x18") with a 20 gallon tall for a sump refugium. I drilled the 29 and built the overflow box. It has a Rio 1400 for return and a Koralia 2 for extra circulation. For lighting it has an Odyssea basic 250 watt HQI MH (15000K) with LED nightlights. The refugium has a standard GE 23 watt CF bulb. Chaetomorpha algae is the only filter besides live rock and a thin layer of live sand. The only thing that I wish I could add to that is a deep sand bed (3") of fine sand in at least one the tanks. Maybe I'll add a DSB to the fuge. I'll have to see how it goes as it is.

For livestock I have a mix of soft, LPS and SPS corals. There are two ocellaris clownfish that host in xenia. Two derasa clams are on the sand and one jewelbox oyster. And the cleanup crew is snails only, although there might be a hermit or two hiding in there. I might add my two cleaner shrimp.

Here are some pictures:



















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I am really happy with how this tank is going. I know it has a lot to grow before it will be full, but I'm really happy so far. I'm so glad I didn't sell stuff that I was recently trying to sell, because I've used some here. I have the job in Alaska in May, and if I go, I hope this all makes it. But I'm starting to wish even more that I didn't have to go, that I could find another job. One of the biggest reasons is so that I can make sure this grows out the way I want it to and to insure that I can give this my best care.

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Well it looks like plans have changed again. This time it is for sure. My wife and I are moving back to Salt Lake City. We have goals and it will be the best place for us to reach them.

I've already started the move by moving two of my tanks there so they can stabablize for the next two weeks before we move the livestock. That is why I missed the meeting.

The best part about my time in Oregon has been PNWMAS. It's been great meeting some of the reefers of Oregon.

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