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Bright Pink BTA split


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Well my Bright Pink BTA was acting funny last night. I thought it was because the RBTA had invaded its "territory" And even though the RBTA is 1/3 the size of the BPBTA I just assumed that was it.


Well this morning. I woke up to find 2 BPBTA's and it looks like it may split again. So my now HUGE BPBTA with was close to 15" across, may be 3 5"(ish) ones.


Pics to come when it comes out of hiding.

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Sorry the quality isn't the best. But I was able to get photos of two of the three. Color isn't as good as it has been, but considering it just ripped itself into 3 pieces not to bad.






The second pic shows the tentacles closer to actual color. They are translucent pink with bright pink tips. When it bubbles its unbelievable.



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Its under 10K and actinics but washed out with my flash. I took a few good pictures the other day in my tank (not of the BTA unfortunately) and thought I had figured out the White Balance, but set it today and this is what I got. Its a pink not a RBTA I have one of those too, but hes on awalk about and behind my liverock today.


Here is a pick from a month or so ago. You can kinda see it in the background behind the fabled Condy. Again washed out but better pic.




Heres my RBTA under the same lights for comparison.





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