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fluorescent green haddoni carpet


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I have a bright fluorescent green haddoni for sale. It is about 12" when fully expanded. I have had this carpet for about 4 months now and it is bullet proof. during the first month, it wandered into a tunze pump and I had to cut it in half to get it out of the pump. Since then I left it in my sump for dead, but it has fully healed and is now in my 70 gallon cube doing great! I payed $100 for it but am willing to hear offers. It just is too much risk for my small tank, 30" square, and the final straw was my fighting my new achilles tang out of it. (admittedly I had just added the tang and the tang was distracted by its own reflection in the glass.)


Let me know if your looking for a carpet, these can be hard to get accustom to tank life and I was told that this one was a trade in from another tank when I purchased it at Waves. Mouth is tight and I have never seen this anemone deflate (I have another red carpet that deflates regularly for unknown reasons)





I am located in Vancouver on the West side and will be around all weekend.

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The clowns never even gave the nem a second look after they found the toadstool and hammer coral. I swear these are the laziest clowns I've ever seen, what did you teach them? LOL. The male just lays in the hammer and doesn't move (except for food). Rough life,lol!


Glad its doing good for you david.

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