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Ridiculous Evaporation


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I have recently got into the hobby and am getting to the end of my cycling period and plan to add my clean up crew next week, currently I have a 125 Gallon tank with built in overflows, under the tank I have a 55 gallon long used as a sump, the pluming drains into the compartment with a protein skimmer, then through the baffles to eliminate bubbles, then through a chamber with live rock and greens and finally to the pump that sends it back to the main display. so respectively looks like this




|___|_____|__|___ |


Pump LR BAF Skimmer


Now Ive noticed on a daily basis I'm losing a little over 2 Gallons of water, confused at first i checked for leaks there's none, as well I did the power down test, no overflowing So I'm assuming the water must be evaporating but at a very quick rate

I check the salinity every day and I generally have it sitting around 1.022 - 1.023 / after I check the salinity when the water is gone I get 1.024 so I then have to add more fresh water to the sump to get it back to the appropriate level and the salinity goes back down of course.

The most interesting thing though is that the water drop is primarily seen in the part where the pump is so i just fill that up to an inch above the divider and again the following day i will do the same.


I just cant see water evaporating at this quick of a rate. Any suggestions as to what i can do to fix it?


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my 100 gallon system has auto top off, the auto top off sump is 15 gallons and require refill once a week, so you could say I lose 2 gallons a day, in actuality its a little less but its right in that ballpark. This is with 400 watt MH lighting.

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Well I feel a bit better now then' date=' I use Dual 400 MH's and the temp is a bit higher than the tank so Ill just keep topping it off daily it only takes a Few mins :) Thanks Guys[/quote']


I have 4- 400w MHs! But yeah just keep topping off and you'll be good. ATO unit would be a great help as greenthumb said.

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