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February 2009 PNWMAS Meeting


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Evites* have been sent out today.


The February PNWMAS Meeting will be Hosted by Roger Stephen(Mr S) and held at:


North Albany Middle School

1205 NW North Albany Rd.

Albany, Oregon 97321




Time: 2:00 PM

Date: Sunday, February 22nd

Topic: Presentation on Digital Photography & Demo by Andy Young. Andy is well known in PNWMAS for his knowledge of cameras and skill in photography. He is the Editor of the PNWMAS Quarterly Newsletter, "Random Flow". Andy will demonstrate techniques of aquarium photography using the classroom display reef tank and frag tanks.



PNWMAS Awards Program - Please refer to the PNWMAS Awards Program section of our forums for details. http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=78 If you are bringing in tank raised fish, inverts, or mounted frags, please submit the form provided completely filled out. I will bring copies of the forms if you are unable to print. Livestock will be auctioned at the end of the meeting.


Frag Swap - Bring your frags for trade & sale. Working out your trades before the meetings in the PNWMAS Forums seems to be working out best.


*If you are not receiving Evites, and would like to receive notifications of PNWMAS Meeting & Events, please send me your e-mail address in a PM, and you will be added to the PNWMAS Evite List!

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I will be there to to help teachers get their wiki pages started. Should be fun.

If you want to carpool from Eugene lmk. I think downhill and I will be riding together.


Dont forget my battery and charger Joel :) I really appreciate it!

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I will be there! I will also bring:


1 ice chest that belongs to Miles

1 foam chest that belongs to Mark


Hope I didn't forget anything!


I am also looking for some cool, inexpensive sps frags! I have nothing to trade but have a few bucks to spend. Let me know.




You said you would be bringing the PA System(karaoke machine), Dave Durr dropped off the projector & screen at my place today, so I will be bringing them, I also asked Jay if he would bring a couple of packs of Rod's Food for door prize/raffle. I checked all the TFT Donations... all are in working order except for one maxi-jet powerhead needing a new impeller, and a 200W heater pilot light not lighting, although heater works.

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