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What happened to members list?


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What happened to the list of members that visited the site during that day that used to be at the bottom of the main forum page. This tool was very useful in finding people and sending them PM messages. Now that they are gone, to PM someone I have to do a search and go through all the members. Is this going to be permanent?

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you serious? i still can't see it. am i doing something wrong? i clicked all the plus signs off and back on' date=' and it still doesn't show up.[/quote']


OK... I'm with Biker on this one, still can't see the list of "who has logged in today" that used to be on the bottom of the page. I can see the "who is currently logged in" but not the cumulative list. I can, however, find the full "members list" from a couple of spots (didn't know about the pull-down, thanks Ryan). I am probably still just being dense on this one (feel free to chime in) DOH!

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