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What I am ordering


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So far here is my order for myself and others, you know who you are. What do you think?


10xEye of Jupiter Zoa's

2 head Santas Aussie Acan

2 head Valentines Aussie Lord

2 head Luscious Aussie


Way to much for $250 if you ask me. BTW-I thought you were trying to save money :)

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If you are nice:D Yes Perry lets you pick up if you win an auction. That is the only reason I will buy his stuff as there is no shipping charge. Kind of sucks now as he moved into a real shop and it is farther from my houseDOH!


Ok now maybe back to CA2ORs thread(laugh)

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for 1 zoa frag and 6 eyes of any acan, i would ballpark it at $100 at the very most!! Even then the store owner is making it pretty good. $250 is full on internet markup for the suckers with to much money in there pocket, that can't get the amazing deals and corals we get out here on the west coast...... aka east coasters haha.

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no....I wish. I am creating list of coral order to either fill this week or in May\June. Depends on what my payoff is this week and my bonus. The list of site I am using are here.

The initial list was made from a store I used to frequent.








the vivid one is going to be a pick up not shipped. I get discounts there due to my history with them. If our sponsers had these I would like to get from them. Keep the business local.

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I do keep checking with our sponsers and LFS's to see what they got. I would really like to use them and them only to get corals and fish. I will never work up the same kind of relationship with the stores here if I continue not to buy from them. Vivid and I have a great relationship, but I have spent over 10k there. Of course money was a bit better then too. Need the economy to turn around again so people can afford my services....and I can afford more coral.

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