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I might be moving for the summer.


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I might be moving to Alaska for the summer. I would have to sale all my stuff. I think I might keep just one tank and set it up when I return. There are a few livestock items that I would really want to keep. My clams, two clowns and their xenia, and some zoas. I'm wondering if anyone could watch these for me over the summer. I would only have other livestock for payment.


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I could do it for you, but you would need to bring them to Oregon City.


I would not need payment. Just forgiveness if anything makes it into my tank.




Fixed it for you Dennis(laugh)


Glad to see that there is someone willing to babysit for that long(rock2)

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So it looks like the inlaws will be watching the tank. Five months is a long time to leave a tank, but I'll take the chance. So now I have to trim it down to just one tank that will be stable for 5 months. And I have to setup an auto top off to make it easier. This leaves me with a whole bunch of stuff to sell. Which is good because I really need the money.

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