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Possible shallow frag tank at TAP for $50!!!


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I was in the Tap Plastics on Sandy today to get some acrylic cut to finish up my DIY calcium reactor when something caught my eye!


Its a tank made out of 1/4" acrylic measuring 34.5x27.5x7.25. If I calculated it right, it is right at 30 gallons.


It would be perfect for a shallow frag tank tied into your current system if you have room. I would have bought it today if I did!


I asked him if it would be strong enough only made out of 1/4 to support water, and he said it would without a doubt.


The seams are flawless (like Envision flawless).


I would add a small 2" or so brace all the way around it, but other then that, its perfect!


Its only $50 so if you are in the market, here ya go!

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