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bad test kit


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Found out i had a bad test kit couldnt figure out why my nitrates where 160 PPM.I was doing huge water changes and still no change so i had a friend of mine test my water with his kit and his with mine found out it was bad.Didnt even have the kit a year so i dont know how long i was wasteing my money on a problem i didnt have.I new something was up my corals looked good but test said otherwise so now i think im going to let the corals tell me when something is bad.

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I prefer Salifert kits. I have used them for years and never had any bad ones. I tend to stay with the old tried and true when it comes to things like this.


I test all of my water parameters weekly. I feel that it is especially important to test KH and calcium and Magnesium weekly, in a mixed reef anyway.

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Depends on the parameter and the age of the tank. I think a good schedule is:


Temp - daily

pH - daily (via controller; pH is a useful indicator for Ca/Alk stability)

SG - weekly

Ca - every 2 weeks

Alk - every 2 weeks

nitrates - every 2 weeks

Mg - monthly

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