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60g starphire cube build


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I thought I had better get at least one picture up of my cube that is in the works!


- 60g starphire cube (starphire on 3 sides) with external overflow

- Oak stand

- Pacific coast RPS 2000 recirc skimmer

- sealine 6540 return pump

- Reeflo Dart for the closed loop system - with multiple returns to direct flow where I want it.

- Custom Sump with built-in refugium

- 24" Hamilton Halide (250w) with 2 T5's

- custom light hanger

- Two little fishes Phos reactor


I'm still deciding on which reef computer to get - the AC 3 or the Reefkeeper elite.

Also still deciding on which CA reactor to get - I have all the c02 equipment already - just need the reactor. I'm torn between the Korallin C1502 and the precision Marine RFCa-4 reactor.

As things get closer I will be taking more pictures. I'm pumped! :)

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go talk to Joel, from what I can tell, he is just getting started on building glass tanks. They look great though. Go check the 60g rimless cube he has running at his shop! I saw a 48x24x24 that he built as well (same size I want). He gave me a rough quote of $1100 with 3 sides of starfire. I'm sure the price would really depend on what you wanted done though.

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One thing for sure - theyu are not the most inexpensive tanks out there, but from what I have seen the build quality is outstanding - the starphire adds to the cost as well. Not to mention the support that Joel will provide me if something does happen to go wrong. Joel has been great about keeping an open invoice and I pay as I go.

When Joel is ready to do the plumbing I will be going in to watch and maybe assist (assuming I don't get in the way) and I'll take pictures as it progresses.

I am thinking about having an electrician buddy of mine come in and run a seperate 20 amp circut so I can avoid any overload issues with my wiring in the front room. Hey, you never know...maybe after it is all set up I can host a meeting at my house - we can check out the tank, trade frags and I will get a good show on corals and show it on the projection system for everyone! :)

I think my next big issue will be finding LARGE hunks of live rock - I want at least two good sized porous pieces to start with as a foundation.

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The tank is coming along nicely. Joel has the external overflow on now, and with the back painted black it looks nice. The Hamilton light came in and I was quite impressed with how it looks sitting on the top of the tank. I will try and sneak down on lunch this week to get a few more pictures. One thing added to the build list - a Two Little FIshies Phosban reactor plumbed inline.

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Careful with the phosban reactor plumbed inline -- they don't need much flow. Too much can pulverize the media' date=' which is bad.[/quote']


Yea that was my concern as well. Is there any benefit to plumbing it inline? I just use a maxijet for mine in my sump and it works great. I am just curious if there is a better or more efficient way to do iy.

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