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my 20 long adventure


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well, im new here, ive been a member over on swf.com and renegade for a while now, but, ive finally got my tank set up, its nowhere near complete, but, this is what ive got for now


20g long

35lbs of premium live rock out of a 12 y/o established reef

lookin for about 20lbs of black an white live sand lol got it at petsmart, will prolly get some tomorrow

bunch of brown polyps/zoas that came on the rock, a giant purple gorg ill be willin to trade to someone or sell, just name a fair price or trade an its yours

2 old hob filters an 1 penguin 550 powerhead for movement

2 50w heaters

a ton of derbesia, im basically planning on running this system as a closed system, eventually gonna have 2 koralia 2's in it for flow, a skimmer hangin off the back, an thats it for filtration

bout a dozen rics that hitchhiked in on my rock

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yacolt is right outside of battleground, about 35-40 minutes from portland. and its a ric according to all the folks on the other forums i belong to. id be happy to do a lil trading, but, i gotta warn ya, i dont have much yet in the way of corals, the stuff you saw came in on my rock LOL and right now, i dont have a light that will support corals, gotta wait a couple weeks on that, but, ill have one very soon lol

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well, i dont have the custom stand built yet, but, ive got the tank on a much more sturdy platform, an its lookin good, thinkin bout leavin it just like it is, an finally finished my scaping an everything, so, here it is


my zoas are gettin some nice color on em


a real nice greenish purple thing goin on in the light


i moved some of my smaller rocks around, making larger caves and more swimming room



found a cool lil snail in my tank, not sure if you can see him



also found a lil baby mushroom



and i found a bristleworm, or rather, jess did, girl is quick at spottin new ****, quicker than i am lol







let me know what ya think of the new scape and my finds :P

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[language filter], its been forever since ive been on here, holy cow, well, sorry to have kept you folks waiting for so long, and ive got some updated pics of my tank here for ya lol i finally got rid of all the green derbesia, scrubbed the hell outta that rock, let me tell ya LOL and i got some new additions, courtesy of some of our fine local fish stores, including these gorgeous deep water zoos from patrick at saltwater fanta-seas and some watermelons and rde's and what not from nick at rose city, also, i recieved from some friends on the east coast a gorgeous acan lord and a beautiful candy cane that had a kenya tree and some shrooms attached to it, and, on top of that, my yuma's that hitchhiked in on my rock have finally started coloring up, matter of fact, i might even be willing to let a few of them go, same with some of my other stuff, so if you see something you like, message me an make me an offer an we'll go from there


thanks for looking












i cant get a good pic of em opened all the way up, but, this one shows just how colorful they really are





an here's the FTS





and my acan lord frag, currently pissed off at the hermit that was just on top of it lol


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