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Coral frags & More

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Kleen ur k9 & aquarium supply is new store in washougal wa & i have just became a new PNWMAS Sponsor. are link will be up in a few days but i wanted to jump the gun & tell you we have 11 tanks in are store with a tun of coral & fish in stock i am working on a new order for this coming week. but we are so stocked with last weeks big order that we need to clear room. so this is the sale i got going i have 100s of coral frags lots of zoos blues reds greens & lots of other corals we also have a few clams in stock. some hard coral & inverts we also have a 5 to 7 inch rose. all you will have to do is say you seen us on pnwmas & you will save 5.00 on your items. we have corals for 10,15,20,25,30,35 all of good size with more than 5 to 10 polyps most of them are in a 10 area. we also have red & blue ricoridea for 35.00 & we also have true blue xenia in or 15.00/20.00 area. (clap)


we are located @


1436 a ST





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It is supposed to not be a pulser. It is not a true "xenia" but it is closely related in the same family.


It does not ship well, that is why I want to get it local.




Hey Dennis, if you are going there before I get to your place, can you pick up a small frag for me as well?

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