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My 125 reef


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I have a 125 gallon reef tank theres 100 lbs + of live rock 100lbs or more of live sand.There is a yellowtang,yelloweye koletang,sailfintang,choclatetang,purpletang,bluecheck goby,clown goby,3 green chromis,domonion,mandrin.I'm just starting to get in to the corals so i'm not sure about all there names.I have some zoo's a cabge leather,big rock of mussrooms,some rocida,green finger leather,seamat,frog spawn, couple of brain frags i think i will post pics soon.

I've got 2 250watt MH and 4 atnic lights over flows with a 30 to 40 gallon refungium and a 15 to 20 gallon sump with a big skimmer and a 1800gph return pump.There is a UV stairlizer with a canister that is soon to be gone and i just got and installed a eco aqualizer.


I also just got a 12 gallon cube with 30lbs of live sand 15lbs of live rock sold my 29 so i could get the tank and help get someone new in to the hobby.Just got a sadel back clown and a bubble tip anemone the first one i got fell on to my urcin and it's guts started to fall out.I ened up selling to a friend of mine and he is pumed to have him i was glad to see him go. Sorry for the long post

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