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Black eggcrate


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fwiw seahorse had some of it as well.


When I check with them, they said they may have some odds and ends around, but it wasn't something they stocked.


I needed about 1/2 of a sheet to make a cover for my cube, and I think the black will look better than white. I know it will probably pick up some salt, that's what the over 1/2 sheet will be for, I guess!


The 1/4" acrylic cover I made is already warping, and the condensation is really cutting down on the light, in particular the shimmer. I was surprised how different it looked when I had the top off doing some maintenance.


I also found that Weld-on #16 will bond the eggcrate to acrylic and lexan. I'll be making some tabs to suspend the eggcrate inside the tank.



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Can't you paint eggcrate with Krylon Fusion spray paint?


Yes, but:


1. That's a fair bit of work.


2. I want to glue small tabs of acrylic to hang it over the tank. Not sure that I could glue to the painted surface, and if I glue the tabs first, then I have to paint them, too.


3. I don't have to worry about chipping/scratching the black (well, I do, but it will still be black). I can be more aggressive in cleaning any salt creep off.

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