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In Memorial


I am deeply saddened to announce the passing of Robert Lee Rosenthal, known to many as "Gateway Bob". I learned this as I spoke on the phone with his daughter, Pam this evening. Her father had been diagnosed with cancer awhile back. Bob was born August 20, 1920, and died December 6, 2008 at age 88.


Bob and his wife, Trudy, opened Gateway Tropicals on NE 102nd and Halsey in the 1960's. I met Bob around 1975 while I was working for a local tropical fish wholesaler in Portland. They had a nice selection of saltwater fish then, but when they closed the store and ran the business from their home is when things really got busy! I had just returned to Oregon and started a family in 1983, when I visited Bob at his new store location - his home! When reef tanks were first catching on in the USA, Bob was ready with one of the first "mini-reefs" in Oregon, if not in the Country, with the then-new technology wet/dry filtration! Not only did he carry the anemones and Fungia plate corals that had been available the last decade or so, there were brilliantly colored LPS corals, mushroom polyps, star polyps, gorgonians, soft corals, and many invertebrates and fish unseen before in my years in the hobby. Bob was the first store around to carry the then-new-to-the-hobby Phillips Actinic03 fluorescents. But Bob had tended to be the first in many things, He had sold tank-bred Ocellaris clowns in the1970's purchased from a then relatively unknown aquarist that raised them, by the name of Martin A. Moe, Jr. It would still be a few years before SPS were available, but Bob was always a step ahead of us all. If something new was in the aquarium magazines(internet was just getting started), you could bet Bob knew about it, had ordered it, or it was already in his shop!


Bob was always there to help out the hobbyist... and a couple of hours could pass by in no time talking with him. He made us all feel we were a special customer, as he would do all he could to have what you wanted the next time you came in.


When we started the first Marine Aquarium Society in the area in 1995, the Marine Study Group, Bob could be counted on for donations for our raffles. Whenever there were guest speakers visiting, they always wanted to stop by Bob's. Julian Sprung, Stanley Brown, John Walch, and Dana Riddle were a few that made sure to visit. They all were very impressed.


Bob was a mentor to many of us. Many local fish store owners and hobbyists in the area learned much from Bob, many starting their first reef tank under his guidance. For much of what the hobby is now in the Pacific Northwest, we owe gratitude to him.

We miss you Bob...you will always be remembered. Our prayers are with your family.


Survivors include his wife; daughters, Eileen Rosenthal, Liana Craven and Pamela Rosenthal; son, Robert J.; 12 grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

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WOW! That sucks!

But I knew he was becoming increasingly frail and we all know what happens when people become sick or hurt more often at these older ages.


Bob's was one of the first "reef shops" I ever had the pleasure of visiting here in Oregon. Amazing what he could do with a 15-20 gallon tank and very little "hi-tech" filtration. Don't believe I ever saw a MH used in his shop either. I got my one of my first LPS corals from Bob. He was always willing to tell you how to care for your tanks and it never came off as "I know everything", you saw him do it and you knew it worked so you listened.


I hope his family and friends will accept my thoughts and prayers! This hobby has truely lost a pioneer in the reefing world.


Rest in Peace and God Bless

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That's a shame' date=' I'm sorry about his passing. I never knew him but most local aquarium enthusiasts have great stories about "Gateway Bob." Condolences to his family.[/quote']


Same with Andy. I never met Gateway Bob but its seems there are plenty of stories to go around.

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I spent countless hours in his shop learning right from my beginnings. I am saddened to hear this news.


He is an inspiration though. Up until a few years ago he ran a very successful business and lugged around livestock and salt as if he were in his twenties. I only hope to be as mentally and physically fit as he was in his golden years.


R.I.P. Bob!

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he always was happy to see people come to his "shop". I never had a bad experience there.


Truly a sad day for the local reef community. Is there a place to donate flowers or money for his memorial?


The announcement that I found online from December 15, 2008 The Oregonian posted:

"Remembrances to the Oregon Humane Society. Arrangements by Rose City."


I sent you a PM with family contact info. If anyone would like to send condolences to the family, please PM me and I will be glad to send the address and number to you.


Also, please keep Trudy in your thoughts and prayers. She is currently in the hospital with CHF problems.

My wife, Constance had CHF and her specialist says her heart is now normal and is off all heart medications.


Stay strong and get well soon Trudy! We love you!

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