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young black percs


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If you're talking about Black & White A. Ocellaris then no.


Dave (Barleycuda) has 2 pairs but they're not producing any yet.


Some LFS get in "Black Percula" but they are mislabeled. They are A. Polymnus(saddleback). They are very readily available.


If you're looking for "Onyx" A. Percula they're available too but nobody breeding them locally.


Saltwater Fanta-seas gets ORA B/W A. Ocellaris from time to time. I know that Waves, Upscales and Seahores do too. You just need to call and ask.


Dave will come through for us real soon.


Right Dave? :)

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Thanks for the replies and suggestions, will keep an eye out for local fish.

I definitely do not want the saddleback polymnus, they are mean. Pretty but mean. By "black percs" I mean the black strain of oscellaris. Good luck Dave with yours, they are trickier than ordinary oscellaris. I think they are a different species. They mature slower, are meaner and have a different color. And geographic range. Sounds like a species worthy difference to me. But the industry calls them "Black percs" and the scientists call them oscellaris.

Do put me on the waiting list for when they do spawn. I can wait. I will let you know if I find them from someone else, but still have friends who will want them. LfS fish can host so many parasites too.

The ORA fish I do not trust. Seems like their mortality rate has been high, judging from Reef Central posts, they are carrying an intestinal illness. Or does anyone know if this has been resolved?

I like the CB ones from England, but at 50 bucks a pop it's a big gamble... worry about the stress of shipping doing them in. They do seem quite hardy though, had 5 come into the shop I worked at and all did fine.

All things considered, I like to buy local and support local breeders if at all possible. If nothing else than because I breed too (: My stock is freshwater though-I do killifish.


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