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Montipora and light levels


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Currently I have a 14 gallon nano with a 150w 14k halide over it.

I have my superman and pokerstar montis in the top 1/3 of the tank - in your opinion is that too high? I have read that some like medium light and I don't want to bleach them out. My superman is more of a pinkish color (I kind of saved it from a LFS for a good price).

I also have my lights on for about 9.5 hours a day - should i increase the photoperiod?



Thanks all!

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I agree with Dsoz' date=' though the source of the coral can mitigate -- if they're coming from under 400W MH, I'll put them up higher to start (I have 150W HQI right now)[/quote']


Good Point. What light did they come from? ALWAYS BETTER TO BE SAFE. I always look at the wattage Par. and distance from the bulb to the piece. It gives me a starting point.

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