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cheap frags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Until Sunday I am trying to blow out some stuff so here goes:


All Frags of sps are $10 if you buy 5 or more I'll knock the price down to $8.00. That means you can get 5 frags for $40 bucks!! What a deal. This includes the new Bali corals I just got yesterday.


I have zoanthids too, some hot pinks, some eagle eyes, greenbay packers, some mean greens too. Also included in the special price.


So come one, come all to the big frag fest!!! I will ship also, so everyone can get in on the deals.


PM me for any pictures of stuff you haven't already seen.


I am waiting to get all the sponsorship stuff in line so I can have my own forum!!!

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Here is my list, most of these are available for the special, some are not


Brown w/blue tip stag (this will be cool, it has green polyps)

Yellow acro with purple tips

orange cap

green cap

rainbow bird nest

rainbow tort

blue millepora

Bali suharsonoi

Bali green slimer

Bali yellow tort

Peony pocillapora

Pink bird nest

Morningstar Monti

superman monti

red people eaters (not included in special)

neon green pineapple favia

neon green maze brain

neon pink maze brain (not included in special)

meteor shower cyphestra

War coral (not included in special)

Green bay packer zoos $1.00per polyp

Mean green zoos $1.00 per polyp

Eagle eye zoos $1.00 per polyp

orange digitada

red millepora

Finger leather

rainbow acan, not the really expensive one Matt has

Purple stag

Green stag

Pokerstar Montipora (not included in special)

rainbow montipora (not included in special)

Montipora orenji (not included in special)

Bam Bam orange zoos


I will have more zoos later today. I'll add them later to the list.

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