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something eating my zoas


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Almost every morning I wake up to less zoas.

Anyone have an idea on what might be the chowing down on them?

Here is a list of all that I have in my tank...

Purple tang

Orange shoulder tang

Potters angel

2 o clowns


Diamond and watchman gobies

Cleaner shrimp

Sally crab

Emerald green crab

Sand sifter star

Linkia star

Lots of hermits and snails

And a long spiked urchin

Any ideas?



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My guess off your list:


one of the tangs

the angel

sally lightfoot crab

emerald crab

urchin (while he munches algae)


I would work to eliminate those first off. Are the polyps just gone or are there parts left?


Another culprit could be large amphipods.

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