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WTB: Lumenmax 2 reflector


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I am limited on space in my canopy, but think I have come up with a way to fit one of these Lumenmax 2 reflectors over my tank. I don't necessarily want to purchase a new one, cause I'm not even sure if it will work out how I want it to. Im looking for the SE bulb version. If your looking to upgrade to the Lumenmax Elite, heres your chance for me to off set some of the cost. :D


Heres a pic of what Im looking for: LUMENMAx-3-REFLECTOR-3.gif


Let me know!

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Sam, the problem is the size of the fixture. I will be lucky to fit the Lumenmax 2. I really want to keep at least 2 of my VHO actinics, so as it is now the VHOs will slightly underlap under the reflector. How will that effect the output of the reflector?


Right now I have 4 24" VHO actinics with 1 250w MH and a very small worthless reflector.

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