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Stupid livestock tricks


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Man, today is really the day for my livestock to act up! First the trochus that decides to block my drain, the the acrobat hermits that discovered they can climb the silicone bead in the corner of the tank, now I just heard a vibration/clicking sound coming from the tank. Went to investigate, and found a trochus (not sure if it was the drain clogger or my other one) trying to get inside my VorTech! The prop was hitting his shell. Finally I think he got the clue and gave up. But he sure did a good job of cleaning the diatoms of the outside of the pump!


The good news is that my additions to the clean up crew (the ones that are not making trouble) are making a noticeable dent in my green hair algae.



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That's the ultimate little anecdote! One could use it as a little morality play, as a punchline to any number of jokes (dirty *or* clean), an illustration of several eastern and western philosophies, a mythological archetype, kabuki theater, interpretive dance... anything!



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