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Breefcase (aka Aquascope)


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Breefcase brought some of his Aquascope (tm. Splishshack Industries) to the Eugene Meet/Greet Fragapoloza. They are only $20.00 or so and a real need for a tank. It is kinda like being in a nearsighted glass bottom boat. If I was a stoner.... WAIT... I WAS a stoner...But I digress. Ya gotta try these, and don't Bogart the Funions, Dude.

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The kids used it this morning and absolutely loved it. Ony problem was keeping certain sloppy kids from getting water into the inside of the viewer. but, they are kid proof. Very easy to clean and get viewable again.


This is because of the ingenious design. ABS sewer pipe is very useful for much more than it's intended purpose. lol.

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