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My clowns are spawning


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I didn't know if it would ever happen but this evening as Shawn and I were standing in front of my tank I noticed they clowns were acting weird and my coris wrasse was other there bothering them. I said "I wish my clowns would lay eggs, but i don't know if they ever will." About 15 min later sure enough a closer look and they are doing the deed (laugh)


I tried wishing for a cool mil in my bank account but it didn't work.


Here are a couple pics and a video.









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Thanks Dave. There were only about half the amount of eggs when i got home yesterday. Maybe about 20 left. We'll see how they do the rest of the week. If i start to see eyeballs on em i might try to remove that piece of PVC to a breeder basket or something. We'll see!

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Nothing currently setup, although it would be a piece of cake to set one up. There are only about 10 eggs left :/ I'm not expecting much on this batch, if i see some eyeballs form i'll attempt something. I might be shooting you some pms in the future though Dave ;)

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