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How big do Duncan heads get?


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I am just curious because the heads on mine just seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. Also are Duncan's an SPS or LPS?

these are from today...about 1 hour after lights on


sorry you weren't able to see them like this Mark, just a few minutes later and they would have been like this.


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Mine are about silver dollar size.


Duncanopsammia axifuga

Whisker Coral, Daisy Coral



Usually found in deeper water near sandy substrate, Duncanopsammia axifuga is very adaptable to lighting conditions. Coloration can vary from gray-pink to light green on the tentacles, a pink to intense blue-green on the oral disc and brown to bright green on the corallites. The size of polyps (including tentacles) can be up to approximately 4.5 cm across, while the corallites are approximately 1 cm to 1.5 cm across.


It is a fast grower given the right conditions, and usually develops new polyps directly adjacent to an existing one. As with all other LPS, maintaining calcium and alkalinity levels is necessary, while excess phosphates and nitrates can slow growth.


Propagation is as easy as cutting the 'stem' of the coral to separate polyps, although as this coral grows upwards it will not attach itself to reef structures


While possessing zooxanthella and being capable of photosynthesis, this coral appreciates regular feeding with any meaty marine foods able to fit into the expanded polyp's mouth.


Duncanopsammia axifuga is a relatively unaggressive coral, incapable of producing sweeper tentacles, and generally comes out underneath when competing with other stony corals. It is best left with plenty of space to grow, as well as relatively unaggressive neighbours such as Blastomussa sp.



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