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DIY Frag Rack


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Just finished this today , my take on the frag rack. I am using nickel plated DXO2's on the inside and found out that using two of these would not work, so using DXO6's on the outside.


The PVC caps are 3/4" and I cut a "spacer" of 3/4" PVC to fill the inside of the cap and allow the 1/8" thick DXO2 to fit or the DXO6 3/8" to fit and close off the opening with a piece of 1/8" acrylic. I used #16.


On the next rack, I'll just use the DXO6's as there are stronger, thicker but cost more and are on sale 20% off - don't know how long


On the outside shot, the left cap has not been trimmed off yet, that's why the rectangular "foot". Next one will be little larger and wider and will need 3 (6) magnets instead of 2 (4)






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