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t5 lighting retrofits -lets see em


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I am thinking about setting up a 4X 24 or 6 X 24 t5 system.


Are there any nice t5 setups out there to look at for ideas?


I have not decided on a tek retrofit or an icecap setup. Both seem pretty effective on nano builds.


I wanna see bigger t5 setups too.


I am especially interested in how people hide wiring and where they locate the ballast.


Shed soe light on the subject. Pics please.

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here is a pic of a retro I did a few years ago, this was on a 6' tank with 5' 80w bulbs (8) Ryan (R-3) now owns it on his tank


When you open the top the whole thing lifts up and out of the way, the ballasts are up on top, wire looms where there to cover wiring (even if some are fallen out there) Note the moonlight bar on the front as well.



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Hey thanks. Found your battery charger too Ryan. Let me know if you happen to be close to Eugene before the Feb meeting. I'll bring it up anyways.


I like Nyle's old setup but his canopy was huge!!

This will be for a nano setup since it is 4X24 t5s. i was figuring adding an extra 2 1/2 inches depth for an icecap 660-009 ballast.


Most suggestions I have read say to crowd reflectors as close as possible to the center of the tank so light can disperse well.


Quality t5 ballasts do not buzz right?


I am starting to plan a canopy and want to see how much space I need to house it all.

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How is this build coming along? I am looking at all lighting options as of now.


My hope is to find a nice 3' fixture used at a reasonable price, but when I need something I can never find it.


After I get one I will find one for 1/2 price I paid. Buy high sell low seems to be how it works out for me in the end, lol

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