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Photography gear junkies chime in


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I am looking to get some more zoom out of my Nikon D40 with 55-220 and 18-55 lenses.


I know that buying a macro lens is the way to go, however, I do not have the extra coin laying around to buy one. However, I have seen a few things like extension tubes and teleconverters that do the trick on the "cheap."


Exhibit A:



Does anyone have experience with Telelconverters or extension tubes? Teleconverter seems too good to be true.






Second question: Does anyone know the name of some good older macro lenses? Meaning, I do not need the latest and greatest macro lens, I just want something to get the job done.



Thanks a bunch in advance. (rock2)

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Sweet graphic organizer. Only problem, I have no idea what half that stuff means. (whistle)

I take it the non CPU stuff will not work with my camera and, for instance, the AI-P nikkor lense will

work but will not auto focus...etc.


Also, this diagram is for the D70, do you think these specs hold true for the D40?


Do you know the difference between the teleconverter and extension tubes? They seem to be very similar, no?

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Basically the attachements will not have the same depth of field. The sides of the pictures will also be out of focus. Meaning you can have a great centered shot (when using a tripod even at higher shutter speeds) but the sides of the picture quickly fall out. It's not a dramatic of a blur as say a vasoline filter, but it is pretty noticiable to me. Everytime I use one I end up cropping out the sides.


Some of the filters are nice as they are stackable. But then the fall out on the corners is even more significant IME, and focusing is much more of a chore. At some point in stacking you just have to go manual for the focus and use a shutter release for the camera.

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