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Free - Lawnmower blenny


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I have a lawnmower blenny who is not doing all that great in my tank because I have no algae :(. I have had him for a few months, I QT'ed him and he is disease free. He is skinny but is 100% disease free. He is free to a good home with some hair algae that he can munch on. Call me at (541)221-1016. First come first serve, hope to get him to someone tonight. He needs some algae!

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That sounds similar to what my last LMB did. Was a great fish for three years or so and then stopped eating all together. Sorry to say but he died about 5 days later. Does he seem lathargic and un-interested? That is what I went thru.



Pretty much what has happened. I gave him to curtis and curtis tossed him into his sump, should be plenty of algae for him. I do think that this will give him his best chance.

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