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AquaC EV180 w/JG Fitting for sale!!!


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Updated!!!!I’m selling my AquaC EV180 w/JG fitting without pump $200 and $225 with pump. It is just a little over 2yrs. Old. Just took off my tank today to clean and take pictures. Great skimmer!!


- 20" tall

- 5.75" x 9" footprint (not including pump)

- 3/4" hose barb water input

- 1" gate valve output

- 5/8" collection cup drain

- 3/8" threaded air inlet

- 1/4" JG fitting (optional)

- Gate valve exit is 8" high


Comes with the following:

AquaC EV180 w/JG fitting and 1” kbi gate valve without pump !!!$200

AquaC EV180 w/JG fitting and 1” kbi gate valve with Quiet One 3000 – 780gph, 120volts, and only 40 watts $225


Picture taken 1/19/09, Mon.





Picture taken 1/20/09, Tues.







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You can use it in a sump' date=' as long as the opening of the gate valve is above the water line in your sump. This is a great deal on a great skimmer. I had one on my 120, and it rocked!![/quote']


Yep - and it's still going strong. I currently have it setup as an in-sump run by a Rio3100.

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Sorry, I thought you weren't interested in it anymore. So I put it back on my system and ran mag 9.5 on it. It running so well right now I don't know if I want to sell it any more. I did a little more research and it would cost me a fortune to buy a new skimmer right now.




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