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24" cube setup for sale


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I am selling my 24" cube set up. This is NOT the tank I won from Envision, rather it is my existing system. Here is what goes with it:


24" acrylic cube tank

Matching oak stand and canopy custom built

mag 12 return pump 2 months old

nice sump

Euro reef cs5-2 skimmer

Pacific Coast imports 1/10th hp chiller and feed pump

Reef flo snapper closed loop pump 2 months use

galaxy 400 watt ballast 2 months use

Sunlight supply elite mogul reflector 2 months use

radium 20k bulb 2 months use

all ball valves and plumbing


I am not interested in parting it out. I want it to go all together. This is a very nice system and the only reason I am selling it is because I want to set up the cube I won at the Xmas party and I am going to start fresh. Right now I am entertaining offers. So throw some prices out there.

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Clean tank by the way, someone should pick this up!


Yeah - I got to check this out last weekend and it is pretty sweet. I like the nice clean CL setup with the bottom returns and top mounted pump. Also, the canopy opens on all three sides for access (wish I had that). I already own one of Bob's old systems though so someone else needs to step up this time!

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