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Dosing with Vitamin C


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Does anyone here dose their tanks with Vitamin C? I know it was getting popular in the SoCal reefers forum in RC. I can speak to the guy who as far as I know started it all and get info for those who are unaware, but I am just curious if anyone does it and how their results have been.

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Same, used with no good results, however I used Prodibio "reef booster" and it "SEEMED" to have some good results, however to get the good results I needed to dose and leave my skimmer off overnight. Dosing and turning on skimmer after an hour or two would not do much but overnight it did help my corals. The hardest part is remembering to turn back on the skimmer. With that product I would regularly see polyp extension on acros over 1" long some over 2", weirdest thing ever.

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