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Well someone spill it!


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It was a good meeting. About 10 people. There are now a few more tanks with holes in them then there were before (this is a good thing). :)


Calvin's tank is stunning! about 400 gallons of relaxation in his basement. Very nice. Also a nice frag tank with some good pieces.


Overall good friends, good tanks, lots of chit-chat and some trades going on. :)



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Well I'm sorry I missed this meeting. Really wanted to see Calvin's tank, maybe some other time.


Don't know what is up for Feb., but I'm hosting in March and I'm working on somethings for that meeting. Along with showing off my tank. But I do hope to make the next one, where ever it might be.

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One view of Calvin's(kilmca) 400 gallon reef.





Lots of caves and tunnels in this tank!










Cleaning station


Eric(CA2OR) & wife


Snowpunk drilling a practice hole on a 10g w/ Barelycuda assisting



After a successful practice drilling, Snowpunk drills his 45g corner tank



A job well done


A few of the items donated for the PNWMAS Awards Program


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wow that tank is amazing!!! wow is that on a concrete floor or something?


and that skimmer is HUGE! lol :D


Yeah the tank is on a concrete floor in the basement.


Thanks everyone for coming and all the compliments. I had a great time and plan on making future meetings.

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That meet was great. I have to admit it was far more comfortable of an environment than any RC meeting I went to. PNWMAS(rock2). It was very nice to finally put a face to the names. Calvin, your tank is sick. My jaw dropped when I first saw it, even caught that jealous stare from the wife;). Over all I had a great time, wonderful people, lots of inspiration. I am looking forward to tons of future trades. Fishmanmike01, you and me buddy, we gotta do some swapping. I have one other thing to say here. I want to show my appreciation to each and everyone of you for making my wife feel comfortalbe for the beginning. I was afraid that she would feel out of place or uncomfortable placing a damper on my reefs future. But thanks to you guys the future is looking bright with opportunity for many new corals(plotting), she actually said she liked it and would go again. Thank you guys.

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To show my appreciation, I would like all who attending and have interest, to PM your names to me and I will accumilate a list. Once these purple hornets are fragged you guys will have dibs. Can't promise that you will get a bunch of polyps (I only have about 25), but I can promise you will get some.

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No, actually I have no interest in selling any of them. I have never really been into selling so to speak, I am more interested in trades to improve the appearance and quality of both my tank and the other person. I have traded a 2inche frag of superman monti for some nice, but not expensive, zoa's before. Of course the main reason was because I didn't have sufficient lighting to keep the monti alive but still. The other reefer made out like a bandit if you only look at monitary value, but I am more satisfied of what I see in my tank, not what I spent.

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No, misunderstanding I think. I was under the impression you were talking about this post when I offered to send frags to those I met when I frag. When I read what you said about them selling for a bunch, I was just responding in saying that I wasn't just saying that to see what others say, I am not even selling them. You know? Nevermind.

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