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Tank Pix 09


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Just some new pix I took today of the tank and new stock. In addition I added a pic of the new tank and old tank by eachother to show scale. Do I have enough room now, cause my current tank is overstocked.DOH!




New tank under old


The Xenia I didn't have room for in main display resides in my LRR filter chamber(nutty)


My Duncan's have opened 3 times larger than I have ever seen them before...gotta love MH



Birdsnest garden, there is 2 types of pink and 1 orange...still need green or white and red


Birdsnest that I accidently fragged


Fire fish that died today 1/13


Green Bubble Tip


Fiji's and Pepe (wife named him)(crazy)


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Some of that "xenia" is really "anthelia." It pulses just like xenia, but it grows in a mat, and has individual polyps sticking up rather than in a stalk with a head of polyps.


Other than that, it looks good.




Thank you, I knew it was called something else, I just couldn't remember what. The question I had for you was regarding the Barairium, it hasn't opened at all so far. Doesn't appear to by dying, just not opened. Should I worry?

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