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Is this guy kidding?


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Guest LisaJill

That guy needs to learn that angling your camera does dramatic things for the flash.... ;)


I saw the sea enemies last night, do you suppose he means anemones?

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Ok, I see the scratched acrylic. I see the urchins, starfish, clam, clowns, bubble coral in bad shape, and a leather coral. I also see where snails have been by the missing algae off the acrylic... BUT...


Where are the enemies (anemones?) Or is the guy talking about the maroon and saddle clown not getting along?



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I hope he doesn't see this thread. He's like a UFC fighter or something. He's got the jacked up ears and everything.




Well if he is you think he could pay someone to take care of his tank(whistle) Just seems funny if the tank was thriving a month ago and now it is down to nothing(sad)

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