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Check valve with metal parts inside?


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I am setting up this new tank with a check valve leading into the tank so water won't back flow into the little sump. Is it okay to use the type with metal insides or is it best to special order one with plastic? If I need to order it, will the soft plastic insides one do or should I go for the ($$)hard plastic insides($$) one?(scratch) (scratch) (scratch)

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AFAIK, you don't need a check valve on your return. If you drill a small (1/16 or 1/8 inch) hole in your return line right under the water level. That way if the power goes out, the hole will suck air and break the siphon before it empties your tank onto the ground around your sump.


I would not use one. It would probably get stuck and become non-functional anyway. It is a good place to catch a curious snail.



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